Sunday, May 13, 2012

Give Me Sugar, Baby by Sarah Sparks

It's Mother's Day, and you do not want to cook. Take your special lady out to The Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant, located at 4172 Washington Street, Roslindale, MA.

I recently went to this adorable place with a friend. My friend wanted breakfast. I wanted lunch. Perfect.

As I scanned the menu and drooled just a bit on the plastic covering, my eyes kept landing on the el Camino Burger - Seared Pancetta, Cheddar, and Over-medium Egg.

The description of the burger brought me back to the day an old flame made me a homemade burger layered with Taylor Ham (brought from NJ to my dinner plate in MA), Bacon, Over-easy Egg, and American Cheese. Man, the guy knew how to whip up some tasty, unhealthy foods.

My friend opted to get a simple breakfast of Over-easy Eggs, Bacon, Home Fries, and Toast. I stuck with the el Camino Burger. We both ordered an orange juice.

Once the food arrived, I couldn't resist taking pictures. First off, from the restaurant itself to the plating presentation, everything was clean and spotless. The plates of food looked amazing, huge, bright, and the sunlight came in through the window and shined its rays on the table.

After I snapped a few shots, I dug my teeth in to this monster of a burger. I was kind of disappointed, not because the burger was bad, but because I wanted the same burger I had so many years ago. Although, this didn't stop me from eating every last morsel.

I definitely would come back here again, and after reviewing their website, I like them even more.

"You’ll see us at local farms and purveyors and generally eating our way throughout New England in search of “the best” and a place for those select ingredients on our menu. Our eggs are cage free, all of our meats are certified humane, from the Vermont maple syrup to the fresh squeezed orange juice - everything here is real. We make every effort to use local suppliers and take advantage of what our seasons provide.

Of course it doesn’t get any more local than our own big bakery right out back. Many of the baked items on our menu were being taken out of the oven just as you walked through our door. This makes us very happy and we know you will be too." -

The Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant
4172 Washington St., Roslindale, MA 617-327-4174

It’s obvious we’re a bit obsessed with food. It’s also no secret that the food that wows you always begins with the best and freshest ingredients. Welcome to The Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant. Around here we’re pretty big on composing and creating our own food, not merely assembling it.


Submitted by Sarah Sparks 
Close-up of the yummy el Camino Burger with Home Fries