Thursday, May 24, 2012

May End Run Tour - Night 1, Milton, NJ

Hi everybody, did you miss me?

Just a quickie here to get back on the house. Tonight the boys and I are playing somewhere in Milton, NJ, which we've been driving to for at least the past 44 hours. It at last that's what it feels like. I am underslept, was a little over hung this morning, but I'm ready to play a show. It feels like it's been forever since we played as fill band, even though it's only been a couple of weeks.

I am inspired to write right now by my dinner! When you talk about life in the road, it's not all steak or bbq. In fact, sometimes - like right now - you're in the road and so close to broke that what you end up with for dinner is Arizona Arnold Palmer southern style half and half - that's half pink lemonade and half sweet iced tea that comes in a big ass can for only $.99 - paired with a 3.75 ounce bag of cheap, out of date, sir cream and onion fake ruffles chips. :-)

That is my fare tonight, and I'm thankful to have even that. At least they had the big bags on discount. Otherwise I would have been stuck with just one of those little bags and left wanting. As it is, the chips, while out of date, still taste crisp and almost fresh. And the Palmer is ALWAYS good. :-)

We should be getting to our show in about 40 minutes, just in time to run the hell in the door, set up our gear, and rock some faces. The thing we're really looking forward to is seeing what kind if place it is that we're playing. You see, tonight we're playing a d.i.y. venue, which could be a warehouse or a basement or a rehearsal complex, or just maybe even a storage space. We'll see, wish us luck!